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BIG events are a UK based sports events management company and part of the BIG Group.

BIG Events team has a wealth of knowledge in triathlon, duathlon and cycling events, with all members of the team having completed at an international level, the team love sport and now want to give something back.

We aim to provide challenging races which are designed not just to be physically demanding and aim to maximise your potential as an athlete but also challenge you mentally.

Our events race similar ability groups together, we have a race series that uses an accumulation of finishing points to decide final positions rather than just on time.  We aim to maintain a competitive and performance focused format.

We also recognise that only one person can stand on the top step of the podium, but that does not mean the winning has to stop there. We differ from ALL other events by offering ability class prizes based on experience and ability, so that way everyone has a chance of winning prizes on the day.

Our fresh and innovative outlook ensures a rich competitive experience, aimed at helping you achieve your best! 

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